More Ideas than Time

This a great problem to have but it’s still a problem none the less.

I was driving to work, minding my own business, when this crazy idea wiggled out of my subconscious (or wherever these sorts of things come from) and crawled into focus.

The universe has decided humanity has misused its gifts of consciousness/reason and these unseen forces are being rerouted in a different direction.

Feels like it’ll take a novel to tease out all the details.

This has pulled up alongside my current project and has surpassed it in grabbing my interest. I’ll need to be disciplined not to jump ship and run off into the new story but I think I’m going to let it simmer while I’m working on “The Deepest Demons. If the story is good it’ll still be running around in my head when I’m done.

Also, this problem of competing ideas may motivate me to buckle down and knock out the current story.

Good start to 2019.