Well, it’s a start…

I like the lamp. Not sure why. I think if fires out positive vibes or something.

The first podcast, well the first on Libsyn, is up on the hosting site. I listened to it again and didn’t cringe nearly as much as I thought I would, which is good. I think I did a pretty decent job conveying my plans for the future and mindset that is directing those plans. I’ve submitted the RSS feed to Spotify, but as of yet, the podcast is not up on there. I also ran into issues publishing to iTunes.

I’ll get the kinks worked out and learn along the way. The link below takes you to the hosting service’s podcast player. Works well, loaded up and played within the browser without issue.

“The Deepest Demons”, short story/novella, novel thing is coming along nicely. Not sure where it is going or where it will end up, but it is going from my head to Scrivener, which is what I want (get it out of my head…). I’ve got an ending in mind and it’ll be interesting to see if survives in its current form, throughout the writing process. The ending scenario/idea, is what prompted the story in the first place. How does one get at the demons that torment them?

Next podcast will be recorded Sunday, with an upload that same day or shortly after. Looking forward to that!.

That’s all I’ve got today.